Questions about NARR standards? New companion guide released

NARR has created a new information resource, the National Standard 3.0 Compendium. This document was developed in response to numerous requests from recovery residence operators and others interested in the genesis and application of recovery residence best practices. It is a detailed guide to the sources and rationale for the individual requirements comprising the standard. This guide will be helpful to recovery housing operators, residence staff, and to anyone interested in the development of our best practice standards.

The Compendium includes a brief history of the development of the NARR standard, its grounding in the social model of recovery, guidelines for usage, and a section-by-section description of the evidence base and rationale for inclusion of the individual elements. It also includes a listing of supporting research publications and other resources.

This document was produced by the NARR Standards Committee and others involved in the development and application of the standard. It is a timely release, given the expanding interest in the NARR standard and its application in developing and improving systems of recovery housing nationally.