A Higher Standard
of Recovery

Our mission at NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR RECOVERY RESIDENCES (NARR) is to enhance access to quality recovery residences by setting standards, providing education, and advocating for those in addiction recovery.

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Building Quality Recovery Housing

NARR utilizes evidence-based standards and ethical guidelines to assist dozens of state affiliates in certifying and managing recovery residences across the continuum of care. We partner with state agencies and recovery community organizations to advocate for the adoption of our high-quality housing standards at both state and national levels. The NARR model lays the groundwork for recovery housing policies, practices, and services, offering those in recovery the chance for a sustainable and fulfilling life.


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What are Recovery Residences?

Recovery residences provide a structured, supportive environment for individuals recovering from addiction, promoting the acquisition and practice of vital recovery skills. With varying levels of support, from peer-driven to medically supervised settings, these residences are pivotal in nurturing the journey to sobriety and wellness.

Together, we're building a stronger, healthier future for individuals in recovery. Join us in our mission to elevate the standard of recovery living, making a lasting difference in thousands of lives each year.

Let Our Experience Build You Up

Our Board of Directors is composed of trailblazers in the recovery residence sector, bringing together a rich tapestry of expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication. With decades of collective experience in shaping policies, enhancing community support, and pioneering innovative recovery solutions, they embody a shared vision of empowerment and transformative care. This formidable team not only sets the standard for excellence in recovery housing but also advocates tirelessly for the integration of recovery principles across broader healthcare and community frameworks, ensuring that individuals on their journey to recovery have access to safe, supportive, and nurturing environments.

Affiliates & Providers — Strength in Numbers

Empowering Communities Through Collaboration

At NARR, we take pride in fostering a network of affiliates and providers that exemplify the highest standards of recovery care. Our collaborative approach underscores the belief that there is strength in numbers, bringing together diverse recovery residences across the nation to share best practices, resources, and unwavering support for individuals in their journey towards sustainable recovery.

By uniting with NARR, affiliates and providers become part of a national movement dedicated to enhancing the quality and accessibility of recovery housing. Together, we harness our collective strengths to build a more inclusive, supportive, and empowering recovery landscape.


Your Generosity Makes the Difference

Join us in transforming lives and strengthening communities through recovery. Your support directly contributes to the expansion of safe, quality recovery residences nationwide, making a lasting impact on individuals and families on their journey to healing. Dive into the heart of change — every act of generosity counts.


NARR values the cultivation of supportive, recovery-oriented environments where individuals can share experiences and offer mutual support, fostering a sense of belonging and collective strength.


NARR commits to upholding high operational standards for recovery residences, ensuring safe, healthy, and effective living environments that facilitate personal growth and recovery.


NARR emphasizes ethical practices in the management and operation of recovery residences, advocating for integrity, fairness, and respect for all residents.


NARR prioritizes educating providers, residents, and the broader community about the recovery process, the role of recovery residences, and the importance of standards to enhance support for recovery journeys.

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