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Primer on Recovery Residences

The Role of Recovery Residences in Promoting Long-term Addiction Recovery Outcomes (American Journal of Community Psychology)

The following two documents were sent to the heads of each state’s primary substance abuse agency, requesting state funding for recovery residences and their supporting organizations.

NCBH/TAC/NARR letter to state SUD agency directors

Recovery residence issue brief for state agency directors

Please note: The application information in this section applies only to state-level organizations, and not to individual providers or residences. NARR does not accredit or certify individual providers. Providers obtain NARR recognition through their state affiliate organizations. For information on existing affiliates, and contact information for our active affiliate organizations, please refer to the clickable map on our home page.

If you are in a state without a current NARR-affiliated organization and wish to know more about the process of forming one, please contact us at We will be posting updated information about this process in the near future.

Housing Survey

Department of Justice and HUD joint statement – housing rights – Published  11/10/2016

This is an updated version of guidance first issued in 1999, and includes an authoritative summary of Federal fair housing law as it applies to housing shared by individuals with substance use disorders.

Government Accountability Office: Report to Congressional Requesters (March 2018)

This report, titled “Information on Recovery Housing Prevalence, Selected States’ Oversight, and Funding,” was the GAO’s response to a request for information from Senators Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio and Orrin Hatch.

Building Recovery: State Policy Guide for Supporting Recovery Housing, National Council for Behavioral Health, April 2018

This is a short, easy-to-read set of recommendations for state legislatures and agencies. It includes recommendations for support, oversight legislation, and policies that will support the health and expansion of recovery housing systems that are aligned with best practices. NARR collaborated in the production of this guide.

MAT-capable Recovery Residences: How State Policymakers Can Enhance and Expand Capacity to Adequately Support Medication-assisted Recovery, NARR, 2018

This guide will help state policy and funding agencies address the unique challenges in developing recovery housing resources that can adequately support individuals receiving medication-assisted treatment.

Know Your Rights: Rights for Individuals on Medication-Assisted Treatment, SAMHSA, 2009

This guide describes the rights under the Americans With Disabilities and Fair Housing Acts for individuals receiving medication-assisted treatment. Guide covers housing, employment and other forms of discrimination, and the application of disability rights laws.

Statement by Michael Allen, House Judiciary Committee hearing, “Examining Sober Living Homes”,

Statement by Sara Pratt, House Judiciary Committee hearing, “Examining Sober Living Homes”; September 2018

These are powerful statements about fair housing from two noted civil rights attorneys, in response to suggestions that civil rights laws should be amended to reduce or eliminate fair housing protections for individuals recovering from substance use disorders. They also discuss the history of these protections in the context of the broader evolution of fair housing and other civil rights in America.

Monthly open call notes and recordings

Due to popular demand we’re now recording these, beginning with our November 2018 call. To access, dial (605) 475-3268, access code 322459, and the call reference number to the right of the call you’d like to listen to:

November 2018   1

Notes taken during our calls can be found here. The attendee lists are incomplete and the spelling may not be accurate, since the names are noted as people introduce themselves.

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check-grn Consumer: A person in recovery, family/friend or recovery coach empowering recovery housing choices

check-grn Provider: A recovery residence provider (or aspiring provider) seeking best practices or recovery residence certification

check-grn Affiliate: A state-level residence provider organization having a formal affiliate relationship with NARR

check-grn Emerging Affiliate: An organization or coalition of providers interested in applying for affiliate member status

check-grn Stakeholder: A 3rd party agency or stakeholder interested in recovery oriented housing

check-grn Fair Housing Advocate: A fair housing advocate defending people in recovers right to fair housing     choice and community integration