Technical Assistance

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Technical Assistance

At the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), we are dedicated to enhancing the quality and availability of recovery housing through a comprehensive suite of technical assistance services. Our efforts are tailored to meet the diverse needs of recovery housing providers and the populations they serve. Here are the key areas of our technical assistance:

Capacity Assessment and Planning
Across the United States, there is a critical shortage of quality recovery residences that can cater to the varied needs of different communities. We provide strategic guidance to assess and expand capacity to meet these crucial demands.

Certification and Training
We facilitate the implementation of robust residence certification systems. This includes comprehensive staff training and the establishment of operational systems to uphold high standards of service.

Outcomes Measurement and Demographic Analysis
Our focus extends to implementing systems that measure the effectiveness of recovery housing and capture service demographics, particularly emphasizing the support for marginalized populations.

Direct Support for Recovery Housing Providers
In regions lacking NARR-affiliated organizations, we offer direct support to individual providers. This assistance is crucial in understanding and implementing NARR standards, focusing on the practical aspects of 'how' and 'why'.

Federal Engagement and Expertise
NARR actively participates in federal technical assistance initiatives, such as the Opioid Response Network TA program and other similar efforts. Our involvement ensures that our expertise in recovery housing informs national strategies and policies.

Research and Collaboration
Our team includes published researchers who contribute to influential peer-reviewed studies. We are committed to advancing the field through active participation in research projects like NSTARR and ISTARR, collaborating with a network of experts and affiliate organizations.

Advocacy for Housing Rights
We advocate vigorously for the rights of recovery housing providers and their residents, particularly in instances of governmental discrimination. Our services include offering information, facilitating legal resource referrals, and directly intervening in housing disputes when necessary.