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How it Works

NARR does not certify individual recovery residences. Instead, recovery housing certification and recertification is done by NARR’s state Affiliates. Each Affiliate goes through a rigorous review process before being chartered as a designated state Affiliate.

Key Requirements for Affiliation with NARR:


Adherence to NARR Standards
All affiliates and providers must commit to upholding the rigorous NARR quality standards, ensuring safe, ethical, and effective environments for recovery.

Continuous Quality Improvement
A dedication to ongoing evaluation and enhancement of recovery services, driven by feedback from residents and alignment with the latest research in the field.

Community Engagement
Active participation in local, state, and national discussions on recovery housing policies and practices to advocate for the rights and needs of individuals in recovery.

Educational Commitment
Engagement in educational initiatives to train recovery residence staff, inform residents, and enlighten communities about the critical role of recovery residences in the continuum of care.

Ethical Operations
Upholding the highest ethical standards in operations, resident care, and community interactions, ensuring transparency, integrity, and respect in all endeavors.

Certified recovery residences distinguish themselves as meeting the national Standard. It signals the delivery of a sufficient level of service proficiency to potential residents and their family members, referral sources such as carceral or justice agencies and behavioral health service providers. In addition, local, state, and federal departments are more willing to endorse and potentially fund or subsidize the services of certified recovery residences.

Find Your Affiliate
NARR Affiliates play a key role in certifying recovery residences within their respective states, aligning with the NARR Standard to ensure high levels of safety, support, and care. Certification criteria can vary due to state-specific regulations. If your state has an affiliate, please direct your certification inquiries to them through our Affiliate Directory.

Learn About Becoming a State Affiliate
For those in states without an affiliate, please reach out to us for guidance on becoming a chartered State Affiliate.