At NARR, our work is fueled by the passion and expertise of several key committees, each dedicated to a distinct pillar of our mission: elevating the standards of recovery residences nationwide. These groups are the cornerstone of our efforts in advocacy, standard-setting, educational programming, and fostering community connections. Led by seasoned professionals in the recovery domain, these committees convene regularly to propel our shared goals forward. Below are our active committees:

Advocacy Committee:

Tasked with advocating for supportive policies and practices that bolster the recovery housing sector across all levels of government.

Chair: Kim Bock

Affiliates Committee:

Tasked with assessing NARR Affiliates for compliance with the NARR Affiliate Agreement, assessing and approving new emerging affiliates, processing complaints filed against Affiliates, and providing technical assistance to emerging and chartered Affiliates.

Chair: Anthony Grimes

Conference Committee:

Orchestrates the planning and realization of NARR’s signature events, including the Best Practices Summit, with the help of specialized subcommittees for programming, sponsorship, and logistics tailored to each event’s location.

Chair: Katie Boardman

Executive Committee:

Provides overarching leadership and strategic guidance, ensuring that NARR's diverse initiatives are cohesively aligned with our broader objectives.

Chair: Darrell Mitchell

Finance Committee:

Oversees financial planning and policy-making, laying the financial groundwork that enables our projects and advocacy work to flourish.

Chair: Fred Way

Standards Committee:

Plays a crucial role in formulating, assessing, and refining the criteria that underpin the excellence of recovery residences. This committee's work is supported by the Standards Review Board—the "Grand Jury of Standards"—and a dedicated Training Topics subgroup that concentrates on the educational empowerment of residence operators.

Chair: Beth Sanders

Thanks to the unwavering commitment of these committees, NARR stands at the forefront of advocacy, innovation, and leadership within the recovery housing sphere, championing environments where individuals in recovery can find the support and safety they need to thrive.